Baby Trees!

Okay, this is how it works. Not only does my dad raise his own trees from tiny seeds, he also grows Monterey Pine seedlings for nearly all of the Choose & Cut Christmas tree growers in California. That's because all those people know about my family's tradition of producing nothing but the highest quality. Dad says the kind of care we give--from seed to harvest, combined with the wonderful coastal climate of Nipomo make for the very best trees in the state. They're pretty neat, alright. These baby trees will be ready to plant early next year. I will help.

Look what happened to
this baby tree.

Here's my dad with me on his shoulders. Dad's a big guy, so you can see how tall this 4-year-old Monterey Pine is. That's one year younger than I was when the photo was taken!

These are Noble Fir

Here's my mom checking on some of our Noble firs. These aren't the biggest ones we have. And we've got other kinds of firs, too. Look at two of them in the pictures next to this box.

Oh, yeah, Mom says to be sure and tell you that we take commercial reservations for businesses and organizations beginning November 1st. She says you can either come in and pick one out yourself or just call us and we'll pick out a great tree for you. And we guarantee that you'll really, really like the one we choose.

Grand Fir

This is a Grand fir -- and if you come to Holloway's, you will see why it's called "grand" -- which doesn't even begin to describe how wonderful it smells!

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir is now our #1 best seller on the farm.  We bring in over 1,000 trees from Wisconsin and they are extremely long lasting -- with a fresh cut, two months is not unheard of!

Balsam Fir

Found throughout the Canadian Maritimes and remote parts of northern New England, this fir was the first plantation-grown Christmas tree in the Northeast. Its soft, dark green foliage, with flattened needles about three-quarters of an inch in length, has a distinctive "balsam" aroma. Unfortunately Balsam Fir are unavailable for 2021.

Oops. I just about forgot! Here are some things Dad wanted me to mention:

Our tree sizes range from 2 feet to 12 feet. We've always got stands for all sizes of trees. We can spray on fire retardant (for trees you put in public places). We also can put on flocking and glitter (gold, silver, mica, multi-colored).

Also, visit Santa's Store to see lots of neat homemade arts and crafts.